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Does Swaddling Help in Settling Baby & Comforting the baby?

Does Swaddling Help in Settling Baby, Yes or No

Does Swaddling Help in Settling Baby & Comforting the baby?

Swaddling has been around for hundreds of years. Fundamentally, this is an ancient technique by using a thin blanket for wrapping newborn babies. You may wonder how making burritos calms the baby.

Calms Baby

All newborn babies have many normal infant reflexes at birth and the startle reflex is one of the many infant reflexes. Please note that the baby has limited control over the body so you may have noticed that the baby is twitching, especially when lying on his back. These actions are their startling reflection; you don’t need to worry.

As the baby adjusts to life outside the womb, swaddling helps to soothe and protect the baby. They kick and push resistance and limited space when it in the womb. When have a too much space, it will make them feel very uneasy and afraid.

Reduce SIDS

May swaddling affect the baby’s risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)? However, research has shown that swaddling may prevent babies from turning from behind or use thick sheets or blankets instead of practicing itself can actually protect them from SIDS. Remember that when the baby starts to turn over, any swaddling should stop and put on sleep suit.

Cry less

Babies will cry no matter how soothing. Wrapping the baby tightly in a soft blanket helps keep arms and legs soft and relaxes. Research shows that crying of babies held by swaddling is reduced by 28%, which means babies are largely protected. In fact, infants who are added have more self-regulation capabilities.

Sleep Better

The researchers found that the swaddling infants sleep longer and are less likely to wake up spontaneously. The babies spent several hours sleeping unrestrained, and for several hours were wrapped in sandbags and sheets, which were tightly wrapped to prevent them from moving their arms and legs. All babies are placed on their backs. The researchers found that stepping on increases would increase the infant’s total amount of sleep, as well as rapid eye movement (NREM) or light sleep compared to when not stepping on add.

Improve Neuromuscular Development

Many parents believe that babies should let go of their hands so they can practice arm movements and suck their fingers to comfort themselves. However, it turns out that babies held in swaddling can improve neuromuscular development, reduce physical distress, improve exercise organization and enhance self-regulation.

How does the Lunavie swaddle help soothe the baby?

The swaddle is made of 100% Cotton, which is treated with Ultra-Fresh, which has benefit of anti-bacterial and anti-odour, and is very suitable for babies with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

6 steps to swaddle the baby:
  • Lay out the blanket and fold down a corner

  • Place the baby’s head on top of the fold

  • Wrap one side of the blanket around the body and put arms inside

  • Tuck the blanket under the baby

  • Fold up from the bottom. Make sure your baby’s legs are bent and the blanket is not too tight

  • Wrap the other side of the blanket around and tuck it under

A few things to be aware of: make sure to always place the baby on the back and stop wrapping around two months or just before turning over.

Does Swaddling Help in Settling Baby & Comforting the baby?