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Step-by-Step Guide To Wash Your Bras by Hand Without Ruining Them

Step-by-Step Guide To Wash Your Bras by Hand Without Ruining Them

Most of us are wondering ‘how to and how long should we wash our bra?’ As some of us are just sitting all day at the desk for working in the air conditioning room, not sweating at all. So, we will think that our inner wear is still clean and it’s not the time to wash it yet. Developing the right and good habit of washing bras can help to keep the bras soft, in shape, increase the lifespan of the bras, ward off acne, and keep hygiene.

How Often Should I Wash My Bras?

Based on the speech given by Marry Young, we should wash our bras after four to six times wears in general to keep hygiene. If the materials of the bras are not breathable such as padded or polyester material, it should wash it every four times wears because the material will hold onto anything they absorb. Besides, we must take note that we should not over scrubbing our bras as it will shorten the lifespan of it.

Here’s come a question, a wear can mean different things to each person. How should we determine the meaning of a wear? Dr. Vij said, wearing a bra for few hours with minimal sweating might not count as full ‘wear’. But, a few hours with heavy sweating could count as double or even triple ‘wear’.

Can I Use Regular Detergent To Wash My Bras?

The regular laundry detergent may be a bit harsh for most bras especially for delicate fabrics such as lace, silk, wool, and knitted fabrics. Therefore, the best suggestion is investing in a lingerie wash detergent. Lunavie Lingerie Wash designed specialty for lingerie contains enzymes can actively remove the dirt and prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal in our bras. It also prevents the hand injury as the lingerie wash detergent has added hand-protecting ingredients so our hand doesn’t feel strained or dry after washing the bras. Besides, it is strongly suggested to use the lukewarm water with the temperature of 50°C-55°C, and soak the bras in it for at least 30 minutes for the best result.

Do I Have To Wash My Bras by Hand?

We suggested hand-washing is the best way to preserve the bras last, in shape and fit as machine washing can easily stretch out the elastic of the bras. Hand-washing the bra is a lot easier than you think. Keep reading the below information to learn the tips on how to minimize the damage of the bras.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Washing Your Bras by Hand

  • Refers the care instruction

Always refers to the care instruction on the label. The label will usually state the best temperature to wash the bras. Depending on the color and material of the bra, different types of bras may require a different level of temperature. Some of the bras may bleed out the color if it is washed in hot water. Lukewarm is most safe for all types of the bra when the water temperature was not specified on the bra’s tag.

  • Fill the sink or bucket with water and soak the bra

Make sure the sink/bucket is clean. After you’ve figured out the best water temperature for the bras, fill up the sink/bucket with the best water temperature and soak the bras in it. Start gently massaging the water into the bra. If the bras are made up by the delicate fabric or has padding, you must be extra careful when massaging. Or else, the bras will easily out of shape which can cause the life-cycle of your bra become shorter.

  • Add some detergent

Depending on the type of bra you’re washing, the amount of soap you are required to add may be different. For example, sturdier materials such as cotton can handle a bit more. Generally, two tablespoons for 1-3 bras at one time is just good. The Lunavie Lingerie Wash can help to effectively remove the dirt on the bra and prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal. In addition, it can help to soften the fabric and prevent static electricity. It also added hand-protecting ingredients to protect your hand when hand-washing the bras.

  • Gentle massage the bra in the soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes

You can massage harder along the band or any sturdy area of the bra to make sure the detergent absorbed into the fabric. But, be careful not to pull too much which may cause the bras loss of elastic and out in shape.

  • Drain the soapy water and rinse the bra multiple times

After you’ve drained the soapy water, rinse the entire bra with running water from the tap a few times to ensure all the detergent is out. Squeeze and massage the fabric gently to get the water out or you can gently press the bra between two towels to get the towels absorbed with the water. Remember – don’t wring!

  • Hang to dry, but be careful

We suggested one way to dry your bra which is laying it flat on a towel and the cups facing up. If you wish to hang it, hang it by the center but not the straps as it will be stretching the elastic of the straps and makes the bra loose.

Can I ‘Please’ Use A Washing Machine On My Bras?

Hand washing method is always the best idea for the bras which made up of delicate fabrics. If you really wish to use a washing machine, you must be very careful. To avoid the things from getting stretched out or snagged, you must make sure to fasten all the hooks and attach the straps. Using a wash bag can help to protect the bras from being tossed around too much. But, don’t overfill the wash bag. Two or three bras per bag is good to ensure they get cleaned properly.

Can I Use A Dryer As Well?

Please don’t. If you wish to keep your bras to last longer, please avoid using the dryer as the heat can damage the fabrics and padding.  If you absolutely must or you planned on must wearing the bra that hasn’t completely dried from hang drying, you can use the dryer on low heat for a short period of time like around 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide To Wash Your Bras by Hand Without Ruining Them