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The Benefits of Having Hands-Free Pumping Bra For Moms

The Benefits of Having Hands-Free Pumping Bra For Moms

Breast milk is an important main food and primary source of nutrition (vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antibodies) for babies to stimulate and support their immune system. Most of the busy moms faced the trouble of pumping or storing their milk for baby’s feeding. It is because breast pumping may be a huge hassle task for busy moms. Therefore, a hands-free pumping bra was produced to convenience the nursing busy moms. The hands-free pumping bra can help them to pump the milk without having to hold it in place. By using this, it allows busy moms to multitask in pumping milk for their baby while working such as replying to emails or answer the phone at the same time.

What Is Hands-Free Pumping Bra?

A hands-free pumping bra is very useful as it allows breastfeeding moms to multi-tasking, like working or busy with their older child while pumping the milk. It can best fit the busy life of being a mom who needs to work at the same time. According to the research, pumping for the breastmilk can express more milk in half from each breast. Besides, some of the hands-free pumping bra in the market such as Lunavie Hands-Free Pumping Bra has implemented the formula of anti-bacterial liquid by Ultra Fresh Treatment. It is to prevent the growth of bacterial due to the moisture and to prevent the formation at unpleasant odor.


The Benefits of Having A Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A hands-free pumping bra is a good choice for a mom to invest during their entire parenting business. It is because this bra is convenience for busy moms by making the breastfeeding seasons a lot easier. The below information shows the benefits of hands-free pumping bra for busy moms.

  • It saves time

Every minute is important for working moms because they have extremely limited time for pumping the milk due to their hectic schedule. Moms need to be there for their baby, their husband, their interests, their job task, and their responsibilities. So, a hands-free pumping bra is an ultimate lifesaver for busy moms and the nursing moms who are facing the trouble of pumping to help them produce more amount of milk. This can help them to reduce the stress in that case and use the time more productively.

  • Multi-tasking

A hands-free pumping bra allows moms to multitask because they don’t need to hold it in place to pump the milk which can help to makes the pumping session a lot easier. Moms can check emails, reply to messages, read books, take care of the older child, and even walk around because it is hands-free. Based on the research, it shows that the more milk that a mom removed from their breast, the more milk will be produced in the next milk production. Thus, it is a great product for a win-win situation because it can help moms to produce more milk for their babies while having some time for themselves.

  • Offers great support

It is a good choice for moms to invest in a right hands-free pumping bra because it comes with great value. If wrongly choose a hands-free pumping bra, it will bring some issues when it comes to the process of pumping the milk. The most important when choosing the right hands-free pumping bra is it can help to support the breast with entirely accommodating and cover the breast. The price of most hands-free pumping bra in the market is affordable for everyone, Hence, moms need to choose the bra that can perfectly fits their lifestyle and comfortable to use that comes with a convenient adjustable extend back panel to ensure a perfect fit because the body of a mom will go through natural changes during nursing.

  • Ease to use

Most of the hands-free pumping bra in the market comes with the comprehensive instruction in the packaging that is made to help users understand the product easily. Aside from its convenience, it is also easy to use. The users only need to (1) determine the width that needs to adjust the correct fit around the rib cage and place back panel extender and adjust the width accordingly. (2) Use the optional center panel zipper if need additional space between breasts. (3) Insert each breast shield/flange into a circular opening.  (4) Make sure the breast is entirely covered and the suckers placed appropriately, then turn on the electric pumping machine.

In a nutshell, hands-free pumping bra is a great time-saving equipment for moms in their journey of breastfeeding. This allows them to have more free time and produce more amount of milk for their babies. Besides, it can also easily to bring it anywhere. You may consider the Lunavie hands-free pumping bra as their quality assurance is trustable.

The Benefits of Having Hands-Free Pumping Bra For Moms