Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra
Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra

Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra


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Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra is crafted with moulded cups to offer improved coverage and a more stylish appearance. Its standout feature is the removable wire, providing exceptional support and comfort for everyday wear.

Pregnancy triggers a series of significant changes in a woman's body, and these transformations persist after childbirth, influencing the fit and comfort of your bras. Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra is specially designed to accommodate both pre and post-pregnancy stages.

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  • REMOVABLE WIRE – Provides mothers with the option to convert the nursing bra with a wire or remove it for increased flexibility and comfort.
  • ULTRA-FRESH TREATMENT – Antibacterial and odour-resistant, making it an ideal choice for a nursing bra.
  • FLEXIBLE FABRIC – Designed to comfortably accommodate changes in breast size, as it is made from a blend of luxuriously soft cotton and high-grade spandex.
  • SHOULDER STRAP – Designed with wide and comfortable straps that distribute pressure evenly, reducing fatigue commonly associated with nursing.
  • MOULD DESIGN – Conforms perfectly to your curves, providing a tailored fit for every individual's unique body shape.
  • U-SHAPE BACK DESIGN – Crafted with a wide band and deeper wings to offer enhanced support to the bust line.
  • TOP-DOWN CLASP – Convenient one-handed drop-down clip for easy bra cup access.


Although research has not provided conclusive evidence, experts suggest that the underwire in conventional bras may exert excessive pressure on the milk ducts, potentially leading to blockages. Conversely, blocked milk ducts may significantly impede your breasts' ability to produce an adequate milk supply for your baby.

Nevertheless, there is no concrete evidence linking underwire bras to lactation issues.

If mummy chooses to wear a nursing bra with underwire while maintaining the desired milk production and comfort, that's perfectly fine!

Let your own experience and comfort be your guide.

Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra offers the dual benefit of being both comfortable and supportive, with or without the wire.


  • Simply unsnap them from the centre and gently slide them out. After the breastfeeding stage, you can pull out the wire, and it can be used as a regular bra!


Cotton: 95%

Spandex: 5%



Highly recommend the lunavie nursing bra, very comfortable and good quality. Worth the price!

Wei Li Teoh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My breastfeeding journey become easier with lunavie hands free pumping bra. Tq so much lunavie for this product. Highly recommended to working mother

Izzah Nur Amin
Penang, Malaysia

Bought 2 seamless bras. So recommended. The quality is so good. The material so nice. Will repeat again.

Umi Azhar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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