Lunavie OC Antibacterial Washable Breast Pads effectively absorb excess milk from a nursing mom’s breast and are economical to use. They feature a brushed cotton lining which feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The pads are seamless and contoured, so they can hardly be detected under clothing. They are also infused with antibacterial protection from Ultra Fresh that stops the formation of germs by 99.9% as well as a natural solution to stop the formation of fungi. The lacy, non-slip back helps to hold them nicely in place too.


  • ABSORBENT – Absorb milk leakage which prevents unsightly milk spots

  • SOFT – Brushed cotton lining which is soft and gentle against the skin

  • SEAMLESS DESIGN – Seamless and contoured for good and comfortable fit

  • ANTI-SLIP – Beautiful lacy non-slip backing helps to hold pads in place

  • ULTRA-FRESH TREATMENT – Durable anti-bacterial protection ability provided by Ultra fresh stops the formation of germs at a rate of 99.9%

  • PROTECTION – Natural solution that stops itching as it prevents the formation of fungi


  • Revel in luxurious comfort with this super soft OC cotton sleep bra, specially designed for night time wear. It is so comfortable that many will wear it as an everyday bra at home too.


    • ANTI-BACTERIAL – Antibacterial and odour resistant, perfect as a nursing sleep bra

    • LUXURIOUS COTTON – Spandex blend for breathability and the ability to stretch and adapt to your changing shape

    • CONVENIENCE – Easy to pull aside cups, making it easy to nurse at night

    • WIDE & ELASTIC BAND – Wide under-bust, elastic band that provides even weight distribution and under-bust support

    • EASY – Great to wear , especially when the breasts are tender during the initial stage of breastfeeding

  • OC is the latest trendy shade & its somewhere among the brown tones. The shading brings out unwinding quietness & fairness.