Lunavie Purple Wide Neck Breastmilk Storage Bottles are specially designed to store the best source of nutrition-breastmilk safety & securely in the fridge or freezer!


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) which is designed to retain beneficial properties of breastmilk to a longer period

  • BPA FREE – Safe & non-Toxic

  • COMPATIBLE – Compatible with major breast pumps-can pump directly into the bottle

  • EASY TO READ – Easy-to-read ounces / ml Volume markings

  • WIDE NECK DESIGN – Can be used as a milk bottle by adding teat

  • LEAK-PROOF – Well designed with sealing disk prevents storage bottle from leak

    The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power & ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, etc.

    • MULTI-USE – Food Feeder Pacifier can be used as a Teether

    • BPA-FREE – Silicone / BPA free and FDA tested. Silicone sac makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odours, encourage chewing, more natural and comfortable to the baby

    • SOFT POUCH WITH SMALL HOLES FOR EASY FEEDING –  Allow your child to eat fresh food without the risk of choking. Simply put fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone sac and shut the snap lock

    • DESIGNED WITH A TEXTURED SILICONE SURFACE – Works best with frozen fruit or ice to soothe teething pain and massage baby’s gum

    • EASY FOR BABIES TO GRASP – The silicone food feeder pacifier helps to encourage your child to self-feed, build independence, develop confidence, improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

    • RECOMMENDED AGE – 6 months and up

    • CLEAN – Dishwasher safe

      Lunavie Purple Antibacterial Swaddle Pouch helps reduce loose bedding in the crib and helps keep baby safely in their back. Swaddling soothes baby by preventing them from startling awake.