Lunavie Double Zip-Lock Breastmilk Storage Bag is a medical grade sterilized double zip lock bag that is ready for immediate use. It is leak proof with double zip-locks to prevent splitting. It is made of BPA free & non-toxic material. Lunavie Double Zip-Lock Breastmilk Storage Bag comes in different sizes designed in 5oz, 7oz & 10oz to maximize mother’s requirement.

  • FDA – FDA approved material used, safe and recommend for extended freezer storage

  • MEDICAL GRADE STERILIZATION – Pre-sterilized and ready to use

  • DOUBLE ZIP-LOCK DESIGN – Leak proof with double zip-lock to prevent splitting

  • BPA FREE – Made of BPA free and non-toxic material

  • SELF-STANDING DESIGN – Self-standing bag for easy storage

  • EASY TO WRITE – Easy to read and write in designated area for date, name and amount

  • ACCURATE – Pre-calibrated ounce/ml label for accurate measuring

Storage Instructions

  • Tear the tab to filling in the breast milk

  • Carefully pour the breastmilk into storage bag

  • Leave some space on top to allow for expansion when milk freezes

  • Seal the zipper of the Breastmilk Storage Bag

  • Label the storage bag with date and time and put in freezer or refrigerator

Storage Guideline

Place of Storage Temperature Storage Time
Room Temperature 25°C 4 to 6 hours
Insulated Cooler Bag 15°C 24 hours
*Refrigerator 0 to 4°C 3 to 5 days
*Freezer of a Two-door Refrigerator -18°C 3 to 4 months

*Storage milk toward the back of the freezer, where temperature is most constant

Feeding Instruction
  • Stored in a freezer: Thaw frozen breast milk in the refrigerator. After thawed, carefully pour breast milk into a feeding bottle for warming up

  • Stored in a refrigerator: Carefully pour breast milk into a feeding bottle for warming up

  • Warm the breastmilk and test the temperature before feed (40°C)

  • Safely discard the storage bag


  • This product is a disposable storage device that cannot be reinstalled

  • Advice no overheat breastmilk as it will destroy nutrients in breast milk

  • Do not heat up pack in microwave

  • The frozen breast milk doesn’t allow to refreeze after open it

  • Tear the tab immediately before filling and safely discard the tab

  • Keep the storage bag away from a child’s reach

  • double zip-lock breast milk storage milk storage bags 7oz double zip-lock breast milk storage bag 7oz 28 pcs
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