Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover give you all the benefits that the traditional covers do and more!


  • MADE OF 100% NYLON – Lightweight and breathable

  • DARKER COLOR DESIGN – Dark fabric keeps baby snugly and away from bright lights when feeding

  • SIMPLY DESIGN – Subtle, classic design will not draw any unnecessary attention

  • GOOD QUALITY – Premium quality nursing cover for stress-free breastfeeding

  • CONVENIENCE – It will give you confidence to feed your baby in public or when you have visitors at home

  • MULTI USE – Can be used as a nursing cover, a blanket, and a sunshade to protect baby’s skin

  • EXTRA USE – As the baby grows up and feeding no longer needed, Nursing Cover will start its new life as your apron at home

  • EASY TO CARRY – Take it with you wherever you go and you will be able to discretely and easily feed your baby in shops, cafes or parks

  • GENEROUSLY SIZED FOR FULL COVERAGE -Big enough to provide privacy but small enough to fold into your bag

  • 100% Nylon

  • 86cm (Length) x 62cm (Width)