Lunavie Antibacterial Swaddle Pouch (Unicorn)


  • Full Cotton Fabric – Made from natural 100% cotton and with Antibacterial protection by Ultrafresh
  • Neck Protection – 360-degree neckline design to securely protect baby
  • Natural Sleeping Position– Allowed free movement of baby’s arm and legs
  • Two-Way Zipper – Design for Quick diaper changes
  • Breathable – Breathable effect is three times that ordinary fabrics and reduce overheat risk

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Size Guide

  • Suitable from birth to 3 months
  •  Fits up to 10kgs
  •  Length of swaddle-53cm

Safety Instruction

  • Ensure the face of the baby are uncover in the swaddle pouch

  • Ensure the babies are swaddle from the neck until baby feet under the swaddle pouch

  • Avoid wrapping tightly to ensure the movement of baby arms and legs are easily

  • Avoid overdress when using the swaddle pouch in the warmer weather


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