Lunavie Cotton Maxi Maternity Panty (3 pcs)


This maternity panty is lingerie essential for moms-to-be and new moms! Its foldover waistband offers total comfort by adapting to your growing pregnant belly. Its wider sides provide an incredible fit, while its fabric is super soft and stretchy.

  • Designed to fit throughout pregnancy
  • Soft and stretchy fabric
  • Bump support
  • Can be worn during and after pregnancy
  • Durable anti-bacterial protection ability provided by Ultrafresh stops the formation of germs at a rate of 99.9%
  • Natural solution that stops itching as it prevents the formation of fungi

SKU: L1034


Size Chart

Description Sizes
Waist 28-34 29-35 31-37 33-38
Hips 29-36 30-37 32-39 33-40

Difference between ordinary underwear and pregnant women underwear

  • Care abdomen and reserved stomach capacity
    Ordinary underwear does not have capacity of stomach, so the crotch is short, there is no way to cover the stomach completely, prone to cold!

  • Full elastic fabric is comfortable
    Not elastic enough fabric and lace will not only oppressive to uterus and stomach, sometimes it will cause tension and contraction of uterus

  • The function of covering and protecting stomach
    Most ordinary underwear size is small, which is poor in covering and warmth property

Additional information

Dimensions 17.5 × 5 × 11.5 cm

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