Lunavie Disposable Maternity Panties 5 pcs/pack


Maternity Disposable underwear panties completely seamless and breathable, hygienically packed disposable underwear.

  • Economical
  • Endorsed by leading childbirth educators and hospitals
  • Excellent breathability improves comfort
  • A snug supremely comfortable fit to secure the pad effectively
  • Perfectly suited for caesarean recuperation – allows scars to breathe
  • Manufactured specifically to hold large incontinence & post birth pads in place

*Maternity Pad are Excluded

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Disposable Maternity Panties are the most hygienic alternative to conventional maternity panties for the recuperative period after childbirth, even for cesarean births. It has superb breath-ability and keeps maternity pads snugly in place. The hygienically packed disposable underwear which perfect for use in hospital or when travelling.

Size Chart

Waist (Inch)26-3232-40
Lunavie Disposable Maternity Panties
Elastic Band and Breathable Fabric

Additional information

Dimensions13 × 3.5 × 32 cm