Lunavie Maternity Support Belt


Who is suitable for using this pregnancy maternity support belt band:

  • The fetus of pregnant woman is too large
  • Malposition, outside help pregnant women by doctors after surgery righting
  • Abdominal muscle soreness pregnant women
  • Belly sagging, prone to premature delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women
  • Worry about sagging abdomen, affecting the postpartum resumption of pregnant women
  • Varicose veins and edema more serious for pregnant women
  • Postpartum woman need to recovery or sharper slimming her body

Please noted that this item can be used not only as a pregnant support belly belt but also as a postpartum hip recovery belt

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Size Chart

L28″ – 36″
XL30″ – 38″
XXL32″ – 41″

Additional information

Dimensions14 × 4.5 × 25 cm

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