*Without Packaging*


– Lose inches faster off your belly and waist

– Reduces swelling and bloating after delivery

– Supports care abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to its original size

Also suitable for

– People who wish to trim waist & tummy

– People who slouch or hunch to help improve posture

– People with hip pain & backache


Wrap the binder around your waist and pass the elastic side straps to the front and fasten the velcro. Ensure fit is snug.

Size Chart

Waist (Inches)

M – 26-32

L – 28-36

XL – 30-38

XXL – 32-41

Washing Instruction

It is recommended to hand wash the binder in mild detergent, avoid hard rubbing and squeezing. Rinse well and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry clean.


80% Polyester

20% Spandex