Lunavie 40C Sheer Comfort Nursing Bra is specially designed for a sensuous and smooth fit. Style yourself up in this gorgeous soft maternity/nursing bra with super comfortable fabric. Made of luxurious cotton spandex fabric that adds a sense of style to the whole intimate feeling.

Designed with the transitions of motherhood in mind to ensure full support and comfort.


  • ANTI-BACTERIAL & ODOUR RESISTANT – Lunavie Sheer Comfort Nursing Bra is made with cotton, which has special treatment with anti-microbial liquid from Ultra Fresh. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria due to moisture and also prevent formation of unpleasant odour

  • COTTON FABRIC – It is luxuriously soft and wire-free for added comfort

  • QUICK ONE-HANDED CLASP FOR EASY NURSING – The easy to open drop-down bra cups take all the fuss away from nursing

  • SUPERB SUPPORT – It gives better support with adjustable shoulder and back straps with three hook bra extender


    Lunavie 40C Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra designed with moulded cup for better coverage and for more styling look. The unique feature of this nursing bra is comes with removable wire that provides better support and great comfort for daily outfit.

    During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a number of significant changes. This change continues post birth and will affect your bras fit & comfort, Lunavie Convertible Moulded Nursing bra specially design to fit pre & the post pregnancy stage.


    • REMOVABLE WIRE – Allow mummy the option convert the nursing bra with wire and remove the wire for more flexible & comfort

    • ULTRA-FRESH TREATMENT – Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates Inc. from Canada. It’s able to prevent odour and growth of bacteria for a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle

    • FLEXIBLE FABRIC – Designed to accommodate your breast changes in size comfortably as it made of fabrics that included luxuriously soft cotton & high grade of spandex

    • SHOULDER STRAP – Designed wide, but comfortable straps with a wider surface area, the strap doesn’t pull or punch spreading out the pressure and easing the fatigue associated with nursing

    • MOULD DESIGN – Mould perfectly to the curves, therefore fitting every individual unique body shape

    • U-SHAPE BACK DESIGN – Designed with wide band and deeper wings that provide more bust line support

    • TOP-DOWN CLASP – It’s one hand release clips for easy nursing while carrying the baby

    Why underwire or non-wire?

    While research is yet to be conclusive, experts suggest that the under-wire in ordinary bras may apply excess pressure on the milk ducts and effectively blocking them. At the same time, blocked milk ducts may significantly reduce your breasts capacity to produce sufficient milk for your baby.

    However, there’s no evidence that underwire bras are linked to lactation problems.

    If mummy chooses to wear a nursing bra with wire and still maintain with desired milk production & comfy that’s great too!

    Let your own experience and comfort be your guide.

    Lunavie 40C Convertible Moulded Nursing Bra has the dual benefit of being both comfortable yet supportive; with or without wire.

    How to remove wire?

    1. Unsnap them from the centre and gently slide them out.
    2. After the breastfeeding stage, mum can pull out the wire and it can use as a normal bra