Lunavie L, XL, XXL Premium Postpartum Abdominal Binder shrinks and firms your belly & waist instantly. So you look and feel better after delivery!


  • 3-LAYER DESIGN  – Using 3-layer design to lock the excess fat, support waist & reduce waist pressure

  • BREATHABLE FABRIC  – Made by high quality breathable material

  • REINFORCED ELASTIC BAND – Stretched to fit the natural curves of your body

  • MECHANICAL BACK SUPPORT  – Help in reducing back pressure & prevent fat accumulation

  • POWERFUL VELCRO  – Long-lasting adhesion design

  • POSTPARTUM ABDOMINAL SUPPORT  – Especially after C-section or even normal birth

Also Suitable For

  • People who wish to shrink and firms belly & waist

  • People who slouch or hunch to help improve posture

  • People with hip pain & backache

Size Chart

Description Size
Waist (Inches) 26-34 30-38 32-41

Sizing Your Premium Postpartum Abdominal Binder

  • Before delivery

Measure the circumference of your waist. (Repeat after me: it’s just a number … it’s just a number). Subtract 3 to 5 inches from this measurement to determine Premium Postpartum Abdominal Binder sizing

  • After delivery

Use your current waist measurements to determine the right size for you


Lunavie L, XL, XXL Maternity Support Belt helps to reduce pelvis pressure and improve blood circulation in the legs. It also able to supports lower back and help maintain proper body posture. It brings instant relief on the back and abdomen while providing maximum comfort throughout pregnancy.


  • COMFORT – Stretchy, Ultra-thin and breathable materials for all day wearing

  • SUPPORT BELLY – Wraps around your belly & waist, lessening the burden of pregnancy weight

  • STABILIZE HIP AREA – Helps support & lift saggy uterus & tighten pelvic during the postpartum period

  • LOWER BACK SUPPORT – Redistributing pressure more evenly on the surface area & reduce suffering from the lower back pain

Who is suitable for using this pregnancy maternity support belt band:

  • The fetus of pregnant woman is too large

  • Malposition, outside help pregnant women by doctors after surgery righting

  • Abdominal muscle soreness pregnant women

  • Belly sagging, prone to premature delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women

  • Worry about sagging abdomen, affecting the postpartum resumption of pregnant women

  • Varicose veins and oedema more serious for pregnant women

  • Postpartum woman need to recover or sharper slimming her body

Size Chart
Description Sizes
Waist (Inches) 28-36 30-38 32-41