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How long should I breastfeed? When should you wean?

How long should I breastfeed? When should you wean?

  • What is the average time of a breastfeeding session?

  • When should a pregnant woman stop breastfeeding after giving birth?

  • How do postpartum pregnant women begin infantile guided weaning?

It is believed that many mothers often worry about the timing. They always wonder when is the right time to start breastfeeding after giving birth. Some moms feel like they’re starting too late. What does it do to their kids?
Nursing time

The duration of care varies from baby to baby, with an average of 15 to 30 minutes. If you are taking final care during this time, check with your GP to see if the baby is getting enough milk or sucking motion correctly.

When do you wean?

If we only breastfeed for six months, as recommended by THE AAP, and then add solid foods, you may start weaning at age of 1. The WHO suggested that mothers breastfeed until the age of two. They encourage women to breastfeed for at least 12 months.

As you can see there is no fixed timetable for weaning. You breastfeed for 6 months until solid food is introduced, by which time the baby can be weaned when it is ready.

Different weaning methods

The categories of weaning have included mutual weaning, mother-led weaning and baby-led weaning.

Mutual Weaning

You may have heard from close friends, relatives, or moms that they were weaned after giving birth. So how do they know? They will reply and it just happens naturally.

Dietary changes often occur when babies begin to explore more types of food. They will occasionally drink your breast milk, but they are also happy to eat other solid foods and drinks. You will find that your baby becomes accustomed to eating less and less of other foods, that your body begins to produce less and less milk, and that the baby is physically and emotionally acceptable.

Mother – led Weaning

There are many reasons why mothers stop breastfeeding. Back at work, exhaustion, another little guy in the belly and other things. If this is your case, you should remember that weaning is best done slowly. Take your time and give your baby and your body enough time to adjust to the changes. If you stop breastfeeding immediately, your baby may feel emotionally unstable and unsafe. In other ways, your breasts may sag when they suddenly become smaller. Slow down! Give it up gradually.

Baby – led Weaning

That’s when the baby is full. She may start to turn her head or search for other food and refuse to lock up. Some mothers are a little disappointed by their child’s rejection. It doesn’t matter, it just means your baby is growing up!

Don’t be nervous, don’t worry, the time will come soon, then you will know when is a good time to start weaning! Any other questions? If you have additional questions, consult your doctor or call your local breastfeeding support line.

How long should I breastfeed? When should you wean?