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How To Choose The Right Way / What Is The Best Way To Store Breast Milk?

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How To Choose The Right Way / What Is The Best Way To Store Breast Milk?

“How to Store Breast Milk

“How long does breast milk last at room temperature?

“How long will breast milk last in the refrigerator?”

I believe that many postpartum pregnant women will have the above thoughts, especially new mothers. When you go back to work, take gym class, or just want your partner to help you feed your baby, you can squeeze out your milk first and then find your own breast milk bottle or breast milk zip bag to store. These are quick and easy ways to get your baby to drink. Breast milk retains most of the health benefits, so if you have to miss a feed, it’s far better for your baby than any type of formula. But good hygiene is crucial to ensuring breast milk is safe for babies.

What is the best way to store breast milk?

Breast milk is better for your baby’s health than formula. But fresh breast milk is better than fridge milk, which is better than frozen milk. That’s because fresh breastmilk is the best.

The benefits of fresh breast milk are that it kills germs and has higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins and fats than a fridge or frozen milk.

How long does your breast milk need to be stored?

If you’ve expressed breast milk in a clean and safe way, you can store it in the refrigerator at room temperature, or in the refrigerator, depending on how quickly you want to use it. Here are some tips on how to store breast milk.


Storage Place Room Temperature Insulating Cooler Refrigerator Deep Freezer
Keep Storage Time 26°C or Lower


4-6 hours

15°C or Lower


24 hours



3-5 days



3-6 months

Please Noted:

Remember to not forget to wash your hands with water and soap before and after handling breast milk! (Wash your hands for within 20 seconds)

How long can breast milk last at room temperature?

This problem is very unpredictable. Because it depends on where you live. In general, breast milk can last for six to eight hours at temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius or lower, according to the Breastfeeding Association of Australia. However, if you stay in a place where the temperature is above 26 degrees Celsius, the time is shortened.

How is breast milk stored in the refrigerator?

After you squeeze, store your breast milk in a clean bottle or in a BISphenol-free storage bag, and store in the freezer as soon as possible. If you squeeze breast milk in the office, you can put the milk in a bag and take it home to the fridge after work. Additionally, you can temporarily store breast milk in a thermal cooler during your trip. Those insulation bags come in handy when you’re traveling, and they’re a must buy as a postpartum woman

Small amounts of breast milk can be added to the same refrigerated container. If the milk you want to add has cooled in the fridge. Do not add warm milk to chilled breast milk.

Store breast milk in the coldest part of the refrigerator. You can put the breastmilk bottles in the back, on the shelf above the vegetable cupboard. Don’t leave it on the refrigerator door, because the temperature there is not very stable.

Store breast milk in the frozen

It’s a good idea to store some milk in the refrigerator for a rainy day. Remember, your milk will last for about two weeks in a freezer that is 15 degrees below zero. If you want to keep it longer, consider investing in a deep freezer (minus 20 degrees Celsius) so you can store it for six months. If the milk you want to add has been previously cooled in the refrigerator, you can add the squeezed milk to the frozen milk. Do not add warm breast milk to frozen breast milk.

To make it easier to melt and less wasteful, store your milk in smaller portions (less than 60 ml). These can be combined after thawing. Obviously, it is best not to store milk at the door, as the temperature is usually unstable, and it should be stored at the back. This applies to refrigerators and freezers.

How to deal with excess breast milk?

  • Breast milk accessories

Some studios can turn your breast milk into beautiful necklaces. Give them your breast milk, and they’ll turn it into a piece of jeweler that you can keep forever. Some mothers plan to give the jeweler as gifts to their daughters.

  • Water plants with breast milk

Water your plants with your breast milk. It was once said that plants grow faster with breast milk.

  • Homemade Breastmilk soap

There are many DIY breast milk soap tutorials on YouTube. Make your own soap. It’s good for the whole family!

  • Homemade Breastmilk bath

It’s as simple as adding breast milk to a bathtub and mixing it with warm water. However, some mothers don’t like the taste of melted milk mixed with water.

How To Choose The Right Way / What Is The Best Way To Store Breast Mil