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What You Need To Prepare Before Deliver A Baby (Mommy Bag)

What You Need To Prepare Before Deliver A Baby (Mommy Bag)

The homecoming of your newborn is a time of excitement and joy. As the birth of your baby getting closer, it is often also a hectic time because you need to get everything well prepared and the third trimester of a pregnant lady will feel exhausted easily. Besides, mom to be often feel the urge to prepare for their baby’s homecoming. For instance, the stroller, car seat, build a crib, or other baby products. But, you must remember to prepare for your own needs for your labor and delivery as well.

Maternity Pads

Maternity pads are not your typical maxi pad. For instance, Lunavie Premium Maternity Pad is extra-long and comfortably padded to provide confident and secure protection for the heavy flow of natural blood loss experienced after giving birth. It provides freshness and softness with an anti-bacterial surface to gives extra protection against bacteria causing skin diseases and vaginal itching. Moreover, the absorption layer can lock the moisture to maintain the surface dry and it’s also followed by an anti-leak guard which enhances the protection against liquid outflow.

Disposable Maternity Panties

Although it is not the best fashion choice, but with Lunavie Disposable Maternity Panties is the best and the most hygienic to hold those giant maternity pads and ice packs in place. It is stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and can keeps maternity pads snugly in place. The best part is they’re disposable. So, it is perfect for use in the hospital or when traveling.

Washable / Disposable Bra Pads

A bra pad can help to effectively absorb the excess milk from a nursing mom’s breast and locks in moisture for optimum dryness and comfort. Therefore, the excess milk will not be stained over the bra or shirt. The bra pads are seamless and contoured, so it is hardly being seen under clothing. You can have a look at the suggestion by clicking the link below:

Nipple Protectors

Most of the moms have been facing the problem of being forced to stop breastfeeding due to soreness and cracked nipple. Therefore, Lunavie has introduced a nipple protectors tool to protect a mom’s nipple while breastfeeding. It comes with the natural-fit shield that helps with latch-on issues and flat nipples. Besides, it can also help to prevent babies from chocking in the early of nursing stage.

Breast Thermo Pad

A breast thermo pad can help to ease the discomfort of breast pain or uneven milk secretion. It is to provide immediate and effective warming and cooling pain relief. The breast thermo pad is designed in 3D doughnut-shaped with cold/warm pack which has a hole in the center so that it does not press on the teat. It can be placed in your own nursing bra as well.

Abdominal Binder

An abdominal binder is an elastic waistband abdominal compression wrap designed to help moms shrinks and firms the belly and reduce waist pressure instantly after child birth. It is suitable to use for both C-section or normal birth.

Nursing Bra

The reason to have a nursing bra is to provide additional support to a mom who is lactating and permits comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. Lunavie Seamless Nursing Bra is treated with Anti-Bacterial Liquid by Ultra Fresh Treatment. Hence, it is antibacterial and odor resistant. Besides, it comes with a special design with removable padding, adjustable shoulder and back straps with 3 hooks bra extender to provide extra support to ensure the comfortability level of moms.

Nursing Cover

Being a newborn’s mom will always need to feed your baby in public or when there are visitors at home. A nursing cover can help to solve this problem because it is big enough to provide privacy but small enough to fold into your bag. Remember to choose a darker color design because the dark fabric can keep baby snug and away from bright lights when feeding.

Swaddle Pouch

Swaddle Pouch can helps to reduce your baby loose bedding in the crib but allowed free movement of baby’s arm and legs at the same time. To minimize the waking effects of your baby, it is important to choose the high-quality fabric with 360-degree neckline design to ensure the comfortability level of your baby.

In a nutshell, it is important to prepare earlier for your mommy bag  as it is hard to remember everything when comes to last minute. Learn and understand the tools or supplies required for the delivery or postpartum recovery. Choose the most suitable supplies and prepared everything earlier can help you feel mentally prepared to care for yourself. When you’re ready for everything you need, you may feel better and controllable in everything. So, you can spend more time focusing on your newborn and enjoy being a new mom.

What You Need To Prepare Before Deliver A Baby (Mommy Bag)